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Here are answers to questions we frequently receive:

Q:  How do I schedule an appointment?

We perform tests only when referred by your physician.  Once we receive an order from a physician, we will contact you to set up an appointment, usually within one to two weeks of the referral order.

Q: How long will the appointment take?

We schedule three hours for an in-home appointment and two hours for an in-office appointment. It takes longer to perform the in-home hookup because the technologist must set up the equipment and does not have office assistants to help with completing paperwork. Generally, the actual time spent connecting electrodes and performing setup tests is the same.

Q:  Will my insurance cover this test?
We are contracted with most insurance providers and we will check your insurance coverage prior to the test. Ultimately, insurance coverage is always the responsibility of the patient but we strive to ensure that patients understand exactly where they stand regarding coverage. 
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