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Physician Information

We can bring access to ambulatory EEG testing to your practice and help you improve the quality of care for your patients.  We work with physicians in a variety of settings and specialties:


We can perform your ambulatory EEGs and give you online access to your patient data within 24 hours of study completion. You can use our software and servers to dictate your reports from anywhere you have Internet access. We can free up time for you by using our experienced team of neurologists, epileptologists and technologists to manage your diagnostic testing.

Pediatricians and Family Practitioners

We can help you better serve your patients by bringing ambulatory EEG testing to your clientele. Use our service to access studies interpreted by a Neurologist and Epileptologist before you refer your patients. With test results in hand, you can speed up access to specialists for your patients.


With our diagnostic testing, we can bring patient data to you that will help you with differential diagnosis of seizure versus behavior manifestations or psychiatric disoders. Our service gives you access to interpreted studies, improving your ability to decide when to refer a patient. 
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